Slate Article

Silvia recently published an article with Slate about "innovate with China" in Shenzhen, featuring Seeed Studio and Eric Pan. Below an excerpt. Check out the whole article here:

This Manufacturing Hub Is Also Becoming the Center of Chinese Creativity

The 30-year-old city of Shenzhen, which is in the southern region of China, is typically thought of as a place where copycat and large factories pump out products designed elsewhere. While Silicon Valley is heralded as the site of unparalleled technological creativity, China is rendered as its unimaginative counterpart: Silicon Valley comes up with the ideas and China manufacturers them. The evidence of this approach towards innovation is emblazoned on the iPhone: “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.”

But in Shenzhen, there is a company at the forefront of changing this idea that “made in” inherently stands for China and “created in” inherently for California... [keep reading the rest of the article here].